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Custom Wing Bags and Covers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 02 July 2010 01:33

JackieSacks creates custom wing bags and covers for all types of model aircraft, specializing in those not served by the

typical, three sizes fit all solutions on the market.  Most have no problem finding a wing bag set for an

Extra, Yak or Edge, but what about your giant scale bi-plane, jet, War Bird,or custom project ?


JackieSacks has your solution.


All products feature heavy duty three layer construction.  A heavy canvas outer shell absorbs the scrapes

of transport, a 1/4 inch high density foam layer protects from impacts, while a soft flannel inner liner cushions

your covering or paint.  All three layers work together to protect your hobby investment.


BVM Electra

Standard Tail Electra in red

BVM Electra Standard Tail - Red


BVM Ultra Bandit


BVM Bobcat XL


Swept Tail Electra in blue

BVM Electra Swept Tail

BVM Electra Swept Tail

BVM Electra Swept Tail

An example of the materials used in JackieSacks bags and covers (click for higher resolution)



An example of the custom options available, a gear flap made for a BVM e-Bandit allowing the landing gear

to remain down while the bags are on for transport.

eBandit Gear Flap


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